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Glowing Keyboard Stickers

Promote Your Brand

MyGlowKeys™ is a patented reflective labels for any size keyboard.
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Glow Keys
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We can print your logo, website address,
phone number, or slogan on the “Enter”
or/and “Space bar” keys. This will reinforce
your company image with style, design,
and function.
Whether your business is retail, business to business, or non-profit, this is a unique way to promote your brand. For less
than a 1/10th of a penny per Cost per Impression, MyGlowKeys™ is an effective durable, high demand product with utility
and functionality customers value while building brand awareness with every use.
This is a kiss-cut, quality printed, self adhesive label for each key.
Each label is easy to apply without the need to change your original keyboard.
These are NOT your average glow in the dark labels. If this was a "Glow in the Dark" product, the keys would never glow due to the light of the computer monitor. Therefore, we revolutionized the industry with advanced technology utilizing the light from your computer monitor to our advantage. The computer light reflects the keys making them illuminate and visible without the hassle of turning on unnecessary lights anymore.
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